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Causes of Manhole Accidents

Many construction sites are located near or around manholes, which are entry points to city utility control. They allow workers to control and work on utility systems throughout a city or town and are essential aspects of a city’s infrastructure. Sometimes construction workers have to open manholes in order to perform their various construction tasks, but this open manhole can pose many dangers to the workers in certain situations. Especially if another party is negligent, manholes can pose serious physical threats to construction workers, the most common accident being that someone steps into an open manhole space.

Causes of Manhole Accidents

Manhole accidents most often involve falling into a manhole, and these serious accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. For instance, some common causes of manhole accidents include:

  • Not posting appropriate warning signs
  • Unnecessarily leaving a manhole uncovered
  • Failure to erect physical barriers around an open manhole

All of these incidents of negligence can lead to a worker falling through a manhole, leading to serious injuries. Sadly, workers may sustain such severe injuries that they become disabled and are unable to work. In such situations, the injured worker should not be the only one to bear the burden of the accident.

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