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Costs Resulting from an Amputation

Unfortunately, amputation, or the loss of a limb, happens rather commonly on construction sites. Because these sites often involve the use of heavy and dangerous equipment, the likelihood of amputation occurring is increased in the event of an accident. Although many different situations can lead to an amputation, the repercussions faced by the victims are usually quite similar. Regrettably, there are also often very high and varied costs associated with amputations that a person may have to face, in addition to the physical and emotional pain of the injury.

Expected Costs

Amputations will always result in the need for immediate and often extensive medical treatment in order to prevent infection or other serious complications. This medical treatment, broadly speaking, might encompass:

  • Transport in an emergency vehicle
  • Emergency surgery
  • Costs of the use of hospital equipment
  • Costs of prosthetics
  • Physical therapy costs

In addition to the above costs, a person suffering from an amputation might also be prevented from returning to work. As a result, he or she might be facing the inability of earning a steady income, which is needed to pay for the costs of such an injury. Fortunately, if an accident on or near a construction site causes you injury, then you might be due financial compensation to help you face all of these various costs.

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