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Explosions on Construction Sites

Explosions on or near construction sites can have many adverse effects for both workers and passersby who are near. They can cause terrible and devastating physical injuries, such as burns, eye damage, and head injuries, in addition to burdening a victim with huge financial costs. Sadly, in many cases, explosions on construction sites occur due to the negligence of employers. Fortunately, New York labor laws, particularly section 200, often allow injured workers to hold their employers liable for the repercussions of explosions when they can be proven to have been negligent.

What Causes Explosions?

Explosions can be caused by many different actions, inaction, or factors, and often are preventable if people fulfill their responsibilities. Some of the most unfortunately common, and oftentimes preventable, causes of explosions on construction sites include:

  • Electrical malfunction
  • Combustible material mixture
  • Having flammable materials near an open flame
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Misuse of equipment
  • Fires

All of these situations could lead to an increased risk of explosion on a construction site, and might actually be the fault of a construction site manager. In these cases, the responsible party can likely be held responsible for any injuries, losses, or other burdens victims sustain.

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