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Lack of Safety Training and Leg Injuries

Lifting heavy objects is an inherently dangerous activity, and one that requires special training and equipment to be done safely and without incident. When working on a construction site, employees are frequently called upon to engage in heavy lifting in their day to day duties, putting them at serious risk of accident and injury through repeated and excessive strain and the potential for collisions or falls.

At Hach & Rose, LLP, our attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of construction accident victims by helping them to seek fair and full compensation for their losses when an injury was caused by the negligence of another party. To learn more about your rights and options for recovery, call a New York construction injury attorney today at 866-LAWS-USA.

Common Leg Injuries

Effective use of the legs is one of the primary requirements of lifting and a number of other activities, and an injury to the lower limbs can result in a significant impairment of the victim’s ability to perform their job function. The following are a few examples of leg injuries that commonly affect construction workers:

  • Bone fractures
  • Tendonitis in the joints
  • Dislocations in the knees or hips
  • Strained or torn muscles
  • Bursitis and other forms of inflammation

Contractors and property owners are generally responsible for providing effective safety equipment and training for their employees, according to Section 241-6 of the New York labor code, and failure to do so can lead directly to leg injuries, which can cause significant financial harm to their workers.

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If you have suffered a leg injury in a construction accident, you are likely facing a hefty financial burden as you deal with your medical expenses and associated expenses. Our experienced New York City construction accident lawyers at Hach & Rose, LLP, have the tools and resources necessary to defend your rights in court. For a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and your options for recovery, call us today at 866-LAWS-USA.

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