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Lifting Injuries and Where They Affect You

Lifting injuries, like muscle strains or nerve damage, can be caused by completing any number of occupational duties, particularly in construction-related jobs. Unfortunately, these injuries, which can occur in an instant, can cause debilitating pain and damage to a person. In fact, lifting injuries can even cause permanent damage, affecting the rest of a person’s life. As there are a large variety of ways a lifting injury can affect a person, the amount of damage a victim sustains will largely be determined by their unique circumstances.

Common Areas Affected

Many different areas of the body can be affected by a lifting injury, though some are affected much more commonly than others due to the type of work construction workers do. For instance, lifting injuries that occur on construction zones tend to commonly affect a person’s:

  • Legs, particularly the thighs
  • Back, both lower and upper
  • Arms, particularly the upper arms
  • Extremities (usually repetitive motion-based injuries)
  • Neck

Whether a person sustains a lifting injury to these or other areas, such injuries can occur suddenly or develop over time.

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Whatever area of the body is injured in a lifting accident, if the accident was caused by a property owner or construction manager’s negligence, you might qualify for financial compensation to help you pay for any costs you accrue and losses you sustain. Speak with an experienced attorney from Hach & Rose, LLP, about your legal options for holding the party responsible for your injury accountable today by calling 866-LAWS-USA today.

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