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Obstructed Walkways in Construction Sites

Construction is a necessary part of the American economy, and, as our team at Hach & Rose, LLP, is well aware, New York City constantly has new construction projects being completed. Unfortunately, these construction zones also pose dangers for those who have to navigate busy construction zones regularly; namely, workers. Obstructed walkways are one of the common problems of an unsafe work site, but they should be managed and prevented by the supervising construction management and crew. However, when they are not, an injured construction worker might be able to file a civil claim against the manager or property owner responsible for the site.

Common Obstructions

Due to the precarious nature of a construction site and the various tools and machinery that is used on these sites, there are many different types of obstructions that might be present on a construction site, including:

  • Open manholes
  • Construction equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Debris / trash
  • Tools left in walkways

All of these obstructions could make a walkway or site dangerous for a construction worker, possibly causing them to suffer serious, even disabling injuries.

Contact a Construction Accident Attorney

If you or someone you know has suffered injury in or around a construction site because of an unsafe work site, where someone was negligent and left an obstruction blocking a walkway, you could be due financial compensation from the construction manager or property manager. Contact the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP at our New York office today to learn about how we can help you in this situation by calling 866-LAWS-USA.

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