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Citations Issued for January 9 Crane Collapse in New York City

Following a crane collapse accident in New York on January 9, 2013, involving at least seven construction workers, officials have cited crane operator Paul Geer and contracting company Cross County Construction LLC for not inspecting equipment, failure to take safety precautions, and running the crane equipment unsafely.

The accident occurred when the crane, operated by Greer, tried to life “more than double” its capability, and subsequently collapsed.

Both Geer and Cross Country Construction LLC have been given at least 5 citations each. These amount to at least $64,000 in fines. Additionally, the construction site safety manager and the developer were also issued citations in light of the accident.

Geer’s license has been revoked following the January 9th accident, according to officials.

The accident is only “the latest” in a series of construction accidents in the New York area, according to reports. Many other accidents involve similar problems of negligence or failing to inspect equipment prior to use.

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