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Crane Collapses on Tappan Zee Bridge

The collapse of a large construction crane on New York City’s Tappan Zee bridge last Tuesday caused significant structural damage to the bridge, but only minor human injury.

Although no cars were hit by the crane, two cars crashed while trying to avoid it and some minor injuries were sustained. Two construction workers were also mildly injured, but all in all, the human cost of the incident was minimal.

While there is no official public statement yet, the construction company is attributing the 256-foot tall crane’s collapse to either equipment malfunction or operator error. External factors like weather did not seem to contribute to the accident.

The Tappan Zee bridge has been under construction since 2013 in hopes of replacing the old Tappan Zee bridge by 2018. With the exception of one substantially damaged lane, the bridge was up and running again on Tuesday night. Officials are not yet certain whether or how much this will offset the expected construction completion time.

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