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If I am injured by exposure to a toxic substance while working at a construction site, can I recover compensation for my losses?

Many construction jobs require working with toxic substances on a regular basis, but employers owe very specific duties of care toward their employees in these situations. Section 241-6 of the New York labor laws specify that properly functioning safety equipment must be provided at all times, and failure in this responsibility opens up the contractor or property owner to liability for resulting injuries. However, an accidental spill or similar exposure will not result in an actionable case against the contractor unless they fail to take reasonable action to protect workers from the toxic materials after the spill has taken place.

Making a personal injury claim against a negligent contractor or property owner is often the only way to gain access to much-needed compensation following an accident. To learn more about your rights, call an experienced New York City construction accident lawyer from Hach & Rose, LLP, today at 866-LAWS-USA.

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