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Who can be held liable if I am injured falling from an elevated height on a construction site?

While in most states a fall at a construction site would be a workers’ compensation issue, the state of New York offers strong protections for workers that allow the contractor or property owner to be held strictly liable in gravity-related accidents, depending on which entity has control over the work site at the time of the accident. Section 240 of the labor code also requires contractors and property owners to ensure proper safety equipment is provided in order to prevent these sorts of accidents. Thus, when a worker falls from an elevated height, they can likely pursue compensation from the general contractor or property owner.

If you have been injured in a fall from elevation at a construction site, call an experienced New York construction accident lawyer at Hach & Rose, LLP, today at 866-LAWS-USA for a free consultation to learn more about how you may be able to recover compensation for your losses.

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