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Five common construction accidents

Because construction work often requires a certain level of physical effort, workers are subject to injuries and hazards at a higher rate than those in other professions.While there are protocols that should be followed by companies and contractors in construction sites, injuries and deaths still happen with far too much frequency. According to various sources, the five most common construction site accidents are:

  • Falling from Height – Working in buildings and other properties often requires scaffolding and ladders, and the lack of guardrails is cited as one of the common mistakes in construction sites.
  • Falling Objects – Debris and other materials pose significant threats to construction workers when safety nets and guardrails are not provided.
  • Slipping/Tripping – A number of materials and substances are always present in construction sites, and disorganization can lead workers to trip over these things easily.
  • Vehicular Accident – Construction-related vehicles like forklifts pose a serious hazard especially when the operator is not properly trained.
  • Electrocution – The use of wires, machinery, and other electric materials in a construction site cannot be avoided, but they pose a serious threat when they are not properly marked or defective.

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