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New York City Transit Track Worker Wins Case Involving Unsafe Work Site

Brooklyn’s Janathan Harte, 49, recently won another legal battle over the unsafe and unethical work conditions at a Brooklyn subway facility that he was forced to endure.

Throughout Harte’s tenure as the Track Division Vice Chairmen for TWU’s Local 100, he learned of the many unsafe work conditions that he and his team were exposed to on a daily basis. Harte reported that exposed wires, out of code fire extinguishers, garbage everywhere, and broken emergency lights are only a few of the countless hazards the workers faced. In 2015, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration ruled in favor of Harte over the unsafe work conditions at his facility. Harte is expecting only about $2,500 from the suit and claims he did not file the suit for the money.

The second more recent victory was ruled by a Federal judge in favor of Harte for the six days of wages that he was not given while in pursuit of his claim. Harte was then awarded only $1,656 for his lost wages; however, all of his $70,000 worth of attorney fees will be paid for by NYC Transit.

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