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NYC construction rally calls for better safety standards

The last federal fiscal year saw eighteen construction worker deaths in New York City in comparison to twelve job site fatalities the year before. On Dec. 10, thousands of construction workers, advocates, public officials, and city community members marched in a rally demanding greater safety standards on construction sites. The rally took place in front of City Hall, where participants carried caskets in a procession to represent the workers that died this year.

Investigation of these fatal construction accidents revealed that the majority of deaths in construction accidents involved non-union workers. Advocates of better safety measures argued that contractors should be held accountable for hiring under-qualified individuals; by hiring non-union workers, they are endangering the lives of qualified and unqualified workers alike.

Many of the union workers disparaged contractors for hiring non-union members who lack extensive safety training in order to cut costs. Unions provide safety and on-the-job training through apprenticeship programs which better prepare workers for a construction site environment.

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