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OSHA creates an interactive training tool about job site hazards

In an effort to raise awareness about hazard identification and control, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently launched an online game designed for both employers and workers in the manufacturing and construction industries.

In this safety training game,  the OSHA Hazard Identification Tool,  the user may choose to play in the perspective of either an employer or an employee at a manufacturing or construction site. The game is used as a learning tool so the player can identify hazards in the workplace.

OSHA assistant secretary of labor David Michaels stated that with this new tool, employers can learn that “following well-established safety practices is also good for the bottom line.”

Hazard identification and control is indeed an integral part of maintaining a safe and accident-free construction site. Unfortunately, many employers and contractors still fall short in protecting construction workers from workplace hazards. If you are a worker that has been hurt while on duty at a construction site, our New York legal team at Hach & Rose, LLP may be able to help you file a civil claim. Call us at 866-LAWS-USA to discuss your situation with a construction accident lawyer today.

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