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OSHA invites employers and workers to ‘stand down’ for construction falls

A campaign by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to raise awareness about fall hazards and prevention in the construction industry will take place from June 2 to June 6.

The OSHA’s National Fall Prevention Stand-Down aims to have over 25,000 business owners and 500,000 workers in the country “stand down,” and discuss fall hazards and prevention. In addition to this goal, OSHA hopes to inform 1 of 10 construction workers in the country about recognizing and preventing fall hazards to increase safety in the workplace.

Last year, 269 of the 775 deaths reported in the construction industry were fall-related.

The OSHA believes fall accidents are preventable. However, many employers still flounder to keep their workplace free of any fall hazards. If you have ever been injured while working at a construction site in New York, consult with an attorney at Hach & Rose, LLP by calling 866-LAWS-USA to learn more about pursuing civil action.

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