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Plumbing and fixture manufacturer in NY facing hefty fine for exposing workers to lead

A plumbing and fixture manufacturer based in Brooklyn is facing $105,600 in proposed fines from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after they exposed their workers to lead, noise, and chemical hazards.

OSHA learned that an Acme Parts Inc. worker had an increased blood lead level and further investigations showed that workers at the facility are exposed to excessive noise, lead, and other harmful chemicals without sufficient protections. Acme Parts reportedly was suspected of negligence for failing to provide their workers with safety training and proper clothing. Workers were also not prevented from eating and drinking in areas contaminated with lead. Kay Gee, the OSHA area director for Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, stated that workers who are exposed to lead are at risk of suffering nervous system damage and other illnesses affecting vital organs.

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