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New York Amputation Lawyers

The construction industry, more than most other career fields, can pose significant risks to the health and well-being of those who work in it. In some cases, construction accidents may be so serious that they lead to the amputation of a worker’s limbs. Because New York labor laws, particularly sections 200 and 241-6, require that construction companies, property owners, and general contractors provide safe work environments, address any hazardous situations that they should reasonably have been aware of, and provide appropriate safety equipment, when a worker suffers an amputation, they may be eligible for compensation from the party who failed to uphold applicable safety standards.

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Causes of Construction Amputation

Construction work frequently involves the use of powerful, heavy machinery. This can dramatically increase the likelihood that a worker will suffer an injury resulting in the amputation of a limb. Some of the most common causes of amputations in construction accidents include:

  • Heavy equipment pinning a limb against another surface
  • Accidents involving sharp equipment, such as table saws
  • Improper or poorly-fitting safety equipment
  • Suffering puncture, crushing, or other serious wounds which necessitate amputation

If any of these or other circumstances lead to an amputation, the ramifications it can have on a construction worker’s life are immeasurable.

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