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New York Crane Collapse Lawyers

Cranes are incredibly powerful machines which make the economical construction of modern buildings possible, and their proper maintenance is absolutely essential in order to ensure the safety of those who operate them or work near them. When a crane malfunctions, it may collapse, causing those on it or in the vicinity to be seriously injured.

At Hach & Rose, LLP, our legal team is committed to helping the victims of crane collapse accidents to recover fair compensation for their losses following an incident. The medical expenses associated with such injuries can be enormous, and when the contractor or owner of the property knowingly does not address hazards on a worksite, such as a malfunctioning crane, they can be held liable for damages under Section 200 of the New York Labor Code. To learn more about your rights and legal options following an accident, call our experienced New York crane collapse attorneys today at 866-LAWS-USA.

Causes of Collapses

There are a variety of factors which can cause a crane to collapse, but nearly all of them are cumulative effects that can be corrected with proper inspection and maintenance of the equipment. When cutting corners to make a budget or speed up a project, some contractors or owners may make unsafe decisions which jeopardize the safety of their employees. The following are a few examples of how employer negligence may contribute to a crane collapse:

  • Improper maintenance of the equipment
  • Failure to provide equipment with the operational capacity to carry out designated tasks
  • Failure to maintain a clean and safe work site around the crane

If such behavior has contributed to a crane collapse in which you were injured, you may be entitled to compensation.

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The New York Labor Code clearly protects workers from the negligent practices of employers, and if your attorney can demonstrate that preventable unsafe conditions contributed to your injury, you may be able to collect a large amount of compensation in order to offset the costs of your medical expenses and other losses. For a free consultation with an experienced New York crane collapse lawyer to discuss the details of your case, call Hach & Rose, LLP, today at 866-LAWS-USA.

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