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Exposure to Toxic Substances in New York

Construction work frequently requires employees to use or work in close proximity to substances that can pose a threat to their welfare due to their toxicity. Because working near these substances is often unavoidable on construction sites, construction companies, property managers, and contractors are required to supply construction workers with the appropriate safety equipment and follow strict safety regulations in order to prevent these workers from suffering serious harm to their health. When workers are harmed because one of these responsible parties failed to provide a safe work environment or recklessly endangered them through toxic substance exposure, they may be able to pursue compensation from the party at fault.

If you or someone you love has developed health problems as a result of exposure to a dangerous chemical on a construction site, a New York construction accident attorney of Hach & Rose, LLP, is ready to put their years of experience helping both union and non-union construction workers to work for you. Contact us at 866-LAWS-USA to schedule a consultation with a compassionate and experienced legal professional today.

Identifying Dangerous Substances

The types of substances which are likely to be present on a construction site will vary according to the needs of a project and the phase of completion at any given time. The following, however, are some of dangerous ones that one may encounter and by which they may be harmed:

  • Acids
  • Solvents
  • Petroleum products
  • Pesticides
  • Solid wastes

When these are improperly stored, used, transported, negligently managed, or construction companies don’t provide necessary safety equipment, construction workers are put in unnecessary danger, for which a property owner or general contractor may be liable according to New York labor law statutes.

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At Hach & Rose, LLP, our NY construction accidents lawyers believe that construction site accident victims deserve a chance to fight for financial compensation against employers who have violated the standards set forth in New York labor law sections 200, 240, 241-6. Call Hach & Rose, LLP, today to discuss how you may be able to file a lawsuit against the party who caused you harm by exposing you to toxic chemicals.


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