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Proper crane care key to preventing crane collapse

Cranes are powerful construction tools necessary for building modern infrastructure. In recent years, however, America has witnessed an alarming number of crane collapse accidents that resulted in debilitating injuries and lost lives. In 2006 alone, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded 72 crane-related fatalities that mostly involved construction laborers, electricians, brazers and welders.

With proper crane care and maintenance, crane collapses can be highly preventable. Here is a simple crane check list to see if the equipment needs maintenance:

  • Visual check of the hook, hook latch, crane block, and rope for irregularities, crack, breaks, or kinks
  • Motion check if the brake drifts excessively, or if the labels agree with the crane controls
  • Operation check to see if the crane has any unusual sound, vibration, and if the crane is being used within a safe weight limit

However, there are instances when employers and owners choose not to conduct proper crane maintenance and repair to speed up projects and cut costs, which may unfortunately increase the risk of crane accidents. If you have been hurt in a crane accident in New York, seek the help of our crane collapse lawyers at Hach & Rose, LLP, to learn about possible legal options you might take against the party responsible. Call our New York office at 866-LAWS-USA today.

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