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Construction Worker Injured in World Trade Center Accident

A 48-year-old construction worker working at the World Trade Center site has sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries in a construction accident. A steel plate at the site somehow became dislodged and fell on the workers head. Fortunately, the worker was wearing a hardhat at the time, preventing the worst of the damage from occurring. Nevertheless, the 48-year-old carpenter was quickly taken to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries, which include multiple fractures and a broken leg.

The injury is another in a long line of construction accidents which have occurred at the site. Fortunately, the injuries resulting from these accidents have been relatively minor for the most part, and this accident also appears to match that trend.

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Crane Collapse Reported in Queens

The New York Fire Department reported that it received a call just before 2:30 p.m. today about a crane collapse that happened in Queens.

Some outlets are reporting that injuries have occurred, but nothing official has been released regarding how many injuries may have occurred nor how severe any injuries are.

We will post more information as it becomes available.

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