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Tree-Trimming Accident Leaves Crane Operator Injured

A crane toppled over while trying to remove a large tree near a home in Haddonfield on the morning of Feb. 7. The crane was lifting a large section of the tree when it tilted over, tossing the crane operator onto the roof of a nearby home where he suffered a broken leg.

The man in the crane was more than two stories above the ground when he was thrown on to a roof below. The operator of the crane was trapped in the vehicle for over an hour due to a fallen power line.

Haddonfield Fire Chief Joseph Riggs told the Courier-Post that the tree was heavier than expected and that the weight of the tree caused the crane and truck to tilt.

Firefighters used a ladder to reach the injured worker on the roof and the crane operator did not suffer any injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will review the incident.

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