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$30M claim filed against NYC after crane collapse

According to an article by The Enterprise, the collapse of a 565-foot-long crane in Manhattan last February led a 73-year-old man from Easton, Thomas O’Brien, to file a 30 million dollar claim against New York City. He argues that the city failed to monitor the construction site properly when O’Brien filed the claim March 18, the report said.

City officials stated that the crane was being used to install air conditioners and generators in a building. The rush of a 20mph wind while it was snowing might have contributed to the accident, but the cause remains unknown.

O’Brien was inside his vehicle when the boom of the crane dropped and landed on his car. Apart from O’Brien, two individuals sustained injuries and a 38-year-old Harvard graduate was killed during the accident.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, in an attempt to increase the safety of civilians, has stopped the operation of all cranes, with the exception of those attached to buildings, until they undergo city inspections. 

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Manhattan crane accident left one man dead

A crane accident that happened in the Turtle Bay section of Manhattan just before noon on April 24 claimed the life of one construction worker, Time Warner Cable News reported.

According to the report, the crane collapse happened near East 44th Street and Second Avenue. Authorities said the boom crane truck Trevor Loftus was driving experienced a mechanical malfunction, prompting him to get out of the vehicle to check it out. While inspecting the equipment, the crane fell down and crushed him.

The NYC’s Department of Buildings has issued a stop-work order while authorities investigate the incident. Authorities believe that the incident was caused by a hydraulics malfunction and not by any building issue.

Trevor Loftus was an Irish immigrant living in Yonkers. Neighbors of Trevor were shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic, unexpected loss. “I can’t believe that one day, you go to work and you’re not here anymore,” one of his neighbors said.

Proper crane care key to preventing crane collapse

Cranes are powerful construction tools necessary for building modern infrastructure. In recent years, however, America has witnessed an alarming number of crane collapse accidents that resulted in debilitating injuries and lost lives. In 2006 alone, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded 72 crane-related fatalities that mostly involved construction laborers, electricians, brazers and welders.

With proper crane care and maintenance, crane collapses can be highly preventable. Here is a simple crane check list to see if the equipment needs maintenance:

  • Visual check of the hook, hook latch, crane block, and rope for irregularities, crack, breaks, or kinks
  • Motion check if the brake drifts excessively, or if the labels agree with the crane controls
  • Operation check to see if the crane has any unusual sound, vibration, and if the crane is being used within a safe weight limit

However, there are instances when employers and owners choose not to conduct proper crane maintenance and repair to speed up projects and cut costs, which may unfortunately increase the risk of crane accidents. If you have been hurt in a crane accident in New York, seek the help of our crane collapse lawyers at Hach & Rose, LLP, to learn about possible legal options you might take against the party responsible. Call our New York office at 866-LAWS-USA today.

NYC crane collapses due to Hurricane Sandy

On Monday afternoon a crane at a luxury high-rise in Manhattan collapsed due to the powerful winds associated with Hurricane Sandy. The crane posed a serious threat to surrounding buildings and people in the area due to the fact that it was situated 90 stories above ground.

Evacuation of the areas near the collapsed crane took place immediately after the construction accident. The strong storm winds did not allow contractors or city officials to gain access to the crane after the incident unfolded.

The New York City mayor revealed that the process of securing the crane to the $1.5 billion building will take several days, and will require construction workers to construct another crane on top of the one already in place in order to completely remove it. As of right now, no injuries have been reported as a result of this collapse, and the last reported inspection of the crane was performed on Friday, October 26.

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