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Drastic increase in New York City construction accidents

New York City’s construction boomed in 2015, leading to an increase in construction accidents and related deaths. A new article by the New York Times sheds more light on the increase in construction deaths, pointing at poor safety conditions and inadequate regulators. The rate at which workers were becoming fatally injured far exceeded the rate of construction, alluding to other causes of increased accidents.

The law requires certain regulations to be in place at construction sites to protect workers and pedestrians near dangerous construction zones. Equipment such as harnesses and helmets are often neglected along with other basic safety precautions. The majority of the dozens of deaths reported in the past few years were “completely avoidable” according to the New York Times.

The NYC Buildings Department showed that 10 workers were killed in construction projects in the 2015 fiscal year, almost double the annual average over the past four years. The number of workers who were injured was 324, an over 50 percent increase from the previous year. The New York Times claimed the majority of the injured workers were undocumented immigrants.

One of the major problems facing New York City construction workers is the lack of officials monitoring dangerous construction sites. The volume of construction makes it impossible for inspectors and other safety officials to deter corrupt and negligent construction companies from continuing dangerous practices.

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New York City creates construction safety task force

New York City declared the creation of a construction safety task force after the recent indictment of two construction managers and the companies that employed them. As the city continues to grow, construction accidents and the prevalence of dangerous sites is costing the city and its inhabitants money and pain.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. stated “there are human consequences to New York City’s building boom.” The increase in residential construction permits this year is at 156 percent. This is the sixth consecutive year for permits to increase. While the increase last year was only 26 percent, construction spending rose to $36 billion.

The task force was created to inhibit the dangerous practices that negligent construction companies use when choosing profit over safety. Several New York City construction sites were found cutting corners to increase production while lowering costs.

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NYC construction site-related accidents peaked in 2014

In New York City, construction site accidents peaked in 2014 at the highest number in the past seven years. This past year alone, 231 accidents occurred, 18 of which involved pedestrians. Out of these 18 accidents, 22 people were hurt, which is the third highest pedestrian injury rate to date.

From 2008 to 2014, 96 construction site accidents caused injuries to 155 people. These high numbers of injuries exemplify the need for pedestrians to be aware of their surrounding areas, but moreover the need for site overseers to resume a high degree of responsibility. To ensure worker and pedestrian safety, construction teams must exercise caution while working.

Construction site accidents are often highly preventable; if proper safety measures are taken and regulated, accidents can be minimized. However, failure to do so can result in injuries of innocent individuals. If you or a loved one has been involved in a construction site accident, you can speak with a qualified attorney at Hach & Rose, LLP to craft a strong and strategic case against your wrongdoer. For legal assistance in pursuing the responsible party, please feel free to call 866-LAWS-USA.

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