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New York Personal Injury Lawyers, Hach & Rose, LLP help secure $13M construction accident verdict

The New York personal injury lawyers at Hach & Rose, LLP, recently helped secure a $13 million verdict for plaintiffs Victor and Elvia Munoz for damages associated with a workplace construction accident lawsuit filed against the Hilton Hotel Corporation.

The accident that injured Mr. Munoz occurred in June of 2007 when the ladder that he was standing on shifted, causing him to fall to the ground. Mr. Munoz hit his head on the concrete below and was rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital where he was treated for injuries to the head.

These head injuries caused Mr. Munoz to suffer from permanent brain damage that resulted in multiple health complications, such as loss of hearing, emotional issues, and problems with balance and control of facial muscles.

The jury determined that the fall was the result of negligence on the part of the property owners, and Elvia and Victor Munoz were awarded$13,020,857 in damages as a result.

To read the full story, follow this link: The New York Personal Injury Lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP, Discuss Verdict in Munoz v. Hilton Hotel Corporation.

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