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When to undergo carpal tunnel syndrome surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a hand and wrist condition usually associated with repetitive motions. Assembly line workers, supermarket checkers, typists, meat industry workers, construction workers, and many other people are among those whose duties demand repetitive motions. They might be at risk for developing carpal tunnel.

When the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome persist even after medication or physical and occupational therapies, they can  dramatically decrease a person’s quality of life. It may be a good time to seek serious medical attention so that you can move towards a cure.

In this situation, doctors may recommend surgery as a treatment option. The objective of surgery is to cut the transverse carpal ligament causing the symptoms. The procedure can be done in an invasive (open carpal tunnel release surgery), or minimally invasive (endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery) way.

As with many other surgeries, there are risks of infection, bleeding, and symptom recurrence. These surgeries can also be expensive for a worker whose carpal tunnel syndrome has been a result of his or her company’s poor occupational health practices. If your injury has been a result of your employer’s failure to provide the equipment necessary to prevent the condition, consult with our team of construction accident lawyers at Hach & Rose, LLP, by calling our New York office at 866-LAWS-USA.

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