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Following the Mayors’ Challenge can increase street safety

Speaking out to every city’s political figures and civilians, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx has outlined how following the Mayors’ Challenge helps promote street safety. Adhering to the activities of the Mayors’ Challenge can, for instance, reduce preventable accidents – specifically ones that result from situational factors like ongoing construction.

The Mayors’ Challenge consists of seven activities, as outlined by the Department of Transportation. Most prevalent to New York, three of the activities involve the following:

  • Maintaining streets so that they meet the needs of pedestrians and bikers
  • Developing additional laws and regulations to protect pedestrians and bikers
  • Increasing awareness and implementing safe road use by all

Although these challenges are intended to proactively protect citizens, accidents can still happen. Devastating consequences often occur when construction sites injure someone in the surrounding area. If you have been hurt in a similar situation, contact an experienced attorney at Hach & Rose, LLP for legal assistance. Call us at 866-LAWS-USA to speak with one of our New York personal injury lawyers today.

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