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Construction supervisor awarded $1 million in Central Park accident

An appeals court decided on June 13 to award $1 million to a construction supervisor as compensation for injuries sustained from a fall while working on the Central Park Police Station in 2009.

It was snowing when 64-year-old Mark Grinberg, who was working on 86th Street Transverse, slipped and fell after walking on top of a section of a plywood that was wrapped in plastic.

Grinberg was initially awarded only $110,000 by a lower court jury before he appealed and won. In response to the additional damages he was awarded, Grinberg said he was “ecstatic.”

Recently released court records from the Appellate Division state that since the fall, Grinberg has suffered from permanent arthritis and tendinitis, and will face future expenses for further medical checkups and procedures.

C&L Contracting Corporation was ordered to pay for damages by a five-person jury.

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