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New York construction accident settled for $1M

The parents of thirty-year-old construction worker Michael Simermeyer, who was killed when a frayed cable snapped, causing him to be crushed under a huge tractor crane that dropped on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s subway extension of the No. 7 train in Manhattan on April 3, 2012, will be receiving a tax-free settlement of $1 million this month from the insurance company of Yonkers Contracting, who will also be paying $68,000 in fines and was issued 10 violations for the accident.

Michael and Colleen Simermeyer settled their wrongful death lawsuit sixteen months after their son died. However, the settlement money came with no admission of wrongdoing from the construction company that Simermeyer worked for.

Lawyers for Yonkers Contracting were adamant that proper inspection was done to ensure the stability of the wire rope, and that it was checked “at the beginning of every shift by licensed and properly trained personnel.”

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