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At Hach & Rose, LLP, we are proud of the work we do for our clients, and in turn, what our clients have to say about us and their experiences with our firm. Below, you can read actual testimonials from individuals we have helped in the past.

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“I was told by another firm that they didn’t think I had a winnable case. Hach & Rose told me that it would be an uphill battle but they believed in me and my case … we won!” -T.S.

“After meeting law firm after law firm promising me between $1m and $2m in my case, it was refreshing to hear a lawyer say that it is not truthful to guarantee any results at the outset of a client’s case. The best part is that they exceeded my expectations and what the other lawyers ‘promised’ at my other consultations…’ -M.V

“My first lawyer, who I think was in over his head on my case, dropped me as a client. Hach & Rose took over and did a superb job while getting me a significant settlement…” -A.R.

“Hach & Rose are a true team of highly qualified professionals!” -H.C.

“Now I know why I don’t see Hach & Rose commercials with catchy jingles, because their record and way of doing business speaks for itself. Being a business owner personally, there’s no better way to ensure future clients than to be honest, excellent at what you do, and get results!” -N.D.

“I was impressed from the moment I sat down at our first client meeting. If there’s a more honest Law Firm in New York or anywhere for that matter, I haven’t met them.” -L.H.

“..They took the time to really get to know who I am and explained things in a manner that made sense to me… I would recommend Hach & Rose to my closest friends and relatives…” -A.F.

“They are hands down the finest law firm I’ve ever dealt with” -T.S.

“I was hesitant to call Hach & Rose because I am not a union member, but they treated me and my family with the highest respect…” -J.W.

“Right from the time of our first consultation, I was given honest and straightforward answers to all of my questions. They made sure to let me know that they would give me all the information necessary to make the right decision as to whether to settle or go to trial while explaining that it was ultimately my decision. I appreciated that…” -M.L.

“Hach & Rose are skilled, honest and straightforward lawyers…what more can I say?” -N.M.

“Being able to call and speak to an attorney at a moment’s notice is, to me, confidence inspiring. There were no endless, recorded loop telephone systems to deal with. I always had the chance to speak with a live, courteous and knowledgeable person.” -R.K.

“Some lawyers talk down to their clients, but Hach & Rose made me feel comfortable that my case would be handled with the utmost care and diligence while treating me like a person and not a number.” -R.F.

“Not feeling comfortable that my case was being handled properly at another firm, I chose to switch to Hach & Rose. It was the second best decision of my life (after marrying my wife of course)” -B.L.

“Union lawyers for union members, they are true professionals.” -G.D.

“I don’t know how they do it. They knew more about my case and my life than I did. When it came to mediate my case, I saw how important knowing all of this information really is …” -S.P.

“When my husband was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, we were in shock.  After answering all of our questions, Mr. Hach’s words to me were ‘simply to take care of your husband, and let us worry about everything else.’ His words allowed me to enjoy my husband while he was still with us.” -C.F.

“My case was not a very big one, and I knew it. However, I was treated like I was their most important client…” -C.G.

“My wife, daughter and I were in a car accident. My wife was badly injured. From the moment we contacted your office, I felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders; your office helped us complete all of our insurance and medical paperwork, answered all of our questions and made a difficult situation much easier to handle. Thanks.” -C.C.

“I steered clear of a large law firm because I heard horror stories about how difficult it is to reach a live person and how the average client is treated like a piece of cattle. They [HACH & ROSE] were available whenever I needed to discuss my case, and I was very happy with the amount of money I received. If I couldn’t reach them on the phone they always returned my call later that same day.” -C.P.

“When I needed legal advice, I went to HACH & ROSE . . . Thanks, you sure made my life easier.”-R.R.

“I was lucky, and didn’t have to look far when I needed help. My local (union) had a great lawyer to help me and my family. I didn’t have to concentrate on anything but getting healthy, they took care of the rest.” -T.S.

“I just wanted to thank you very much for helping me after I had my car accident. It was a difficult time for me, and you were all very helpful.  Your kindness and compassions gave me a peace of mind during the lawsuit. I am very grateful to have had such a professional and reliable firm guide me with understanding and patience these past three years. It was a pleasure to meet Michael Rose, who, for me, was a guiding light through the tunnel. –G.S.

“Although I never had the opportunity to meet Filomena, she was always the kind voice on the phone who answered my questions and made sure that Michael Rose got in touch with me when I needed to talk to him. –R.W.

“You all did such a wonderful job!” – D.M.


Hach & Rose, LLP


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