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Update: Details emerge in Queens crane collapse

More details have been released following the construction crane collapse in Long Island City, Queens yesterday at around 2:30 p.m. The construction accident injured seven workers and sent them to area hospitals with broken bones and other injuries.

According to sources familiar with the details, work was being performed at a construction site behind the iconic Pepsi-Cola sign in Queens, when a cable snapped on the construction crane. The crane was transporting a stack of wood when the cable broke, causing the crane to “fold nearly in half” according to individuals who witnessed the accident.

At the scene, three workers were trapped beneath the crane and had to be extricated from underneath the heavy equipment before their injuries could be attended to. More details will follow, and we at Hach & Rose Attorneys at Law will make sure to keep you updated as the story unfolds. At a time like this, all New Yorkers should remember to keep the victims in your thoughts and send our most sincere regards to their families.

To read more from national news outlets, you can follow the story at NBC News and the New York Times.

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